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Symphony Hill Vineyard

Address: 2017 Eukey Road, Ballandean QLD 4382

Contact Name: Ewen Macpherson

Telephone: (07) 4684 1388

Fax: (07) 4681 1399

Email: info@symphonyhill.com.au

Website: www.symphonyhill.com.au

Details: The Macpherson family established their vineyard in 1999 in the highlands of Ballandean. Our state of the art winery was constructed in 2003. It has a temperature and humidity controlled barrel room unique to Queensland. Our contemporary cellar door opened in October 2004. It is a modern and funky outlet which is complimented by a giftware section. Sumptuous, sensual and sophisticated best sum up the vibe of Symphony Hill Wines.

Our Vineyard

The key to Symphony Hills success in producing super premium wines of unique style and flavour lies in the vineyard.

Our Viticultual Practices

Symphony Hills viticultural practices are world class. A detailed soil survey was undertaken pre-planting. This consisted of digging 45 pits with a backhoe within a 20 acre area. The soil profile at each pit was described in detail and laboratory tests performed to analyse the properties. The results of the survey were used to determine best locations for each variety planted and what soil amelioration was required pre-planting.

Super fine lime and single super phosphate fortified with zinc sulphate was inserted into the soil along each vine row at two depths in the soil. This was achieved by a purpose built machine which fed the ameliorants behind a 1 metre ripper tine towed by a D6 Bulldozer.

All vines are trained with unilateral cordons on a Smart-Dyson trellis system. Shoots are positioned to grow both up and down along the cordon to create a vine that is balanced and with an open canopy that allows wonderful amount of sunlight penetration to leaves and fruit and air flow through the canopy to reduce disease pressure. The vine shoots are allowed to grow to full length so as to produce a higher leaf to bunch ratio. This aids in ripening. Although hedge pruning is popular among other vineyards because everything looks neater, this practice is not employed as we believe the quality of the fruit is more important than a short back and sides appearance of the vines.

When the vines are pruned in Winter, one cane is left uncut on each vine. This is termed a sacrifical cane and is cut off at veraison. This practice has the effect of reducing vine vigour and slow ripening of the fruit. A longer ripening period produces more complex flavours in the berries and higher quality wine in the bottle.

During the growing season regular leaf and petiole analysis is performed to monitor the nutrients within the vines.

Bird netting is installed at veraison each year to remove the chance of bird damage.

Fruit yields are kept low which is essential to produce quality grapes.

All fruit is lovingly hand picked with any damaged or unripe fruit discarded in the vineyard and during a final sorting during the crushing process in the winery. The fruit is picked into small 20Kg plastic crates and the crates are taken to a cool room as they are filled. Picking into small crates stops the fruit getting squashed from the weight of other bunches. Maintaining the grapes at a cold temperature dramatically reduces the chance of oxidation occurring before the fruit is crushed at the winery. Great care is taken during picking and transportation such that the fruit arrives at the winery in exactly the same condition as existed on the vine.

Established: 1999

Winemaker: Blair Duncan

Products/Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, Verdelho, Taminga, Viognier Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir

Brands: Symphony Hill Wines

Opening Times: Seven days a week 10:00am to 4:00pm

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