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Mason Wines

Address: 27850 New England Highway, Ballandean QLD 4381

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Phone: 07 4684 1341


Email: info@masonwines.com.au

Website: www.masonwines.com.au

Details: We believe you are the true arbitrator of good wine. Different people like different wines and although wine medals and comments made by wine critics
may provide guidance, ultimately it is your opinion that is all important to us. We are not interested in producing a small amount of wine at the top end and the rest of mediocre quality. We wish to produce the best possible wine in each variety each year. Unfortunately due to the weather and innumerable other factors not every vintage in every variety will be great. We accept and understand this concept which is true for all vineyards in the world whether they admit to it or not.

In recognition of the vagaries of vintage, we have developed two classes of wine, Rees Road and Booth Lane. Although named after our vineyards the wines are produced under the philosophy mentioned and do not indicate that the grapes that make the wine necessarily come from a particular vineyard. Our Rees Road range is considered by us wine which is of the highest quality although very reasonably priced. Our Booth Lane range is wine that we consider to be good but not the absolute best wine which we can produce. This is due to innumerable factors, with weather by far being the major factor. Our Booth Lane range may also include exceptionally good wines that do not require aging in expensive oak barrels.

Mason Wines is a family owned wine business, situated in the Granite Belt, dedicated to producing a wine of which Queensland can be proud. Our aim is to develop superior wines at low prices.

In 1997 we began our search for land in South East Queensland's Granite Belt on which to establish a vineyard. We only looked at land which had a long history of commercial stone fruit production and was known to be well drained with deep soil. We selected a stone fruit farm in Rees Road, Ballandean which we believed would be ideal for a vineyard. In 1998 we set about removing the stone fruit trees and replacing them with vines. We planted the best grafted vines available.

In 2000 we bought a second stone fruit farm, situated on the corner of Booth Lane and the New England Highway, for conversion to a vineyard. This property also fulfilled our criteria for land with a proven long history of stone fruit production and well drained deep soil. A clich in the industry, it is none the less true that great wine is only made from great fruit. We are fastidious in producing great fruit and equally fastidious in all aspects of wine production.

Established: 2005

Winemaker: Jim Barnes

Products/Varieties: Wooded and Unwooded Chardonnay, Shiraz, Merlot, Picnic Red (sweet), Cabernet Merlot and shortly add a Picnic White (sweet) and Verdelho and Viognier

Brands: Rees Road and Booth Lane

Opening Times: 11.00am to 5.00pm seven days a week

Any Other Information: There is a Caf and Restaurant as part of the cellar door.

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