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Back Pocket

Address: Severnlea QLD 4352

Contact Details

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Name: Lel Doon

Phone: 0418 196 035

Fax: 07 4683 5184

Email: wine@backpocket.com.au

Website: www.backpocket.com.au

Details: Back Pocket is a small vineyard on Back Creek in the foothills of Severnlea, in the Granite Belt wine region. We aim to produce premium wines made solely from Back Pocket grapes.

Back Pocket is 50 acres, nestled in a valley below the tree-line of a range of granite hills at Severnlea, through which Back Creek runs.

Our soils are essentially decomposed granite and deep for the Granite Belt. We have comparatively little rock on the property, around 10%, much less than the Granite Belt standard of around 30%.


Ten-metre-wide spoon drains around our boundaries direct most of the available runoff from the surrounding hills into a 21 megalitre dam. An underground spring, which flows after heavy rain in northern NSW, also runs into the dam.

Our vine rows are 3 metres apart and our vine spacing within these rows is 2 metres. We believe this gives our vines sufficient space to survive unirrigated in the long term.

We spur prune our vines within our vertical shoot positioned trellis system. Our vines grow a bilateral cordon along a 1-metre-high fruiting wire. We raise 2 pairs of foliage wires during Spring to lift and hold the rapidly growing shoots in an upright position, increasing both light and air in the canopy.

The vines are hand pruned to limit crop size and for canopy management. Leaf plucking and crop thinning as necessary during the season, also increases bunch exposure to sunlight and enhances ripening.

We irrigate as required to establish new vines and then apply minimal irrigation to maintain the vines and maximise fruit quality for winemaking.

The grapes are hand picked to allow fruit selection and minimse matter other than grapes (MOG) in the crush.


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Opening Times: Back Pocket is not open to the public. Please visit our

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